Jenn (ex_coeur155) wrote in inthebag,

I'm gonna pop this community's cherry.

Contents of my beloved Dooney:

  • car/apartment keys.
  • my burts bee's lip balm. (I cannot live without this!)
  • wallet.
  • ralph lauren sunglasses. in the outdated 50's hollywood movie star shape that i will always be partial to.
  • police strength pepper spray. gift from my overly paranoid BF, he bought it for me on our second date. i thought it was sweet.
  • obligatory gold hoops. a necessary staple for any girl. i took them off because they bother me when i talk on the phone.
  • my calendar, and perpetual to-do list. (to-do: pay my blockbuster late-return rental fees). also featured: my fortunes as told by a cookie.
  • cell phone.

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