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In my Purse

Now, I'm not the most girly girl ever, but I was bored, so he ya go:

all the junk. all my purses must fit a paperback and my camera. Thus: me = bag lady

my camera (his name's Ford) and my many pages of books and cds to buy. I always need lists.

the stuff. Wallet, kotex, lead, gum, highlighter, red pen, black pen (i always have one of each), tampax, coin purse, mirror, lip gloss (choc orange mint. yum), hand sanitizer, Burt's Bees Carrot lotion (smells like sugar), and my iPod (His name's Marvin).

The books i'm reading at the moment. the first
one is totes funny, and all the indie kids will love it, pretty much. ;)
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